Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Debt Restructuring Program ( New Skim )

Absolutely legitimate debt restructuring plan

Credit cards are only enabled All Visa / Master credit card (Malaysia) is

• want to apply for installment

• reduction of 10 to 12 percent annual interest

• Reduce the burden of 70% per month, 2 to 3 years to pay off credit card debt

• Bank Negara CCRIS zero burden

• Provide Cash Out services

• We pledge never again after the application of interest issues take interest customers.
The benefits of apply  with us:

1- Bank normal interest rate 18% per year, we help you to lower down to 6 to 8%

2- We can exactly help customer to Save up 70% of the current monthly payment. If let say I paying

minimum rm5000, if I converted to the plan, my future instalment amount is only rm1300-1500,

(Save Your monthly Instalment From Rm5000 to RM 1300)

3- we will guide customer to do early settlement, because bank will give rebate and discount.

 4- The only condition for apply the plan is customer have to terminate all the cards and not allow to

apply loans before the settlement, to prevent the increasing of outstanding due to customer have to

terminate all the cards, we will do an extra service to secure customer cash flow problem, which is

we help customer to increase limit and cash out (include processing fee ), so that customer got cash

in hand for rolling.

• 100% Approval.

• As a smart user, you will choose the way that clear your debts but with bank's high interest rate?

or another way that you can also clear your debts but with paying the lesser  repayment amount?

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